VATATTACK is the name of the VAT consultancy started by Colin Peters in 2004.

VATATTACK advises businesses and legal and accountancy firms requiring advice on VAT issues.

Colin Peters has been advising on VAT since 1986, when he left the Solicitor’s Office of Customs and Excise, now HM Revenue & Customs, to go into private practice.

Typically, clients may require confirmation that their treatment of VAT comply with HMRC requirements. They may need advice independently of their present advisors, who will continue to play their existing accountancy role in relation to the business.

In a case in which a dispute with HM Revenue & Customs arises, a client may require representation in the course of meetings and correspondence with HMRC. In some cases, this may lead to an appeal to an independent review within HMRC and, if this fails, to an Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal, Tax (formerly the VAT Tribunal).

Colin Peters has had extensive experience in handling appeals on VAT issues, having previously represented Customs & Excise in over 100 appeals.

Not all VAT issues involve a dispute with HMRC and not all Disputes end in the Tribunal. A client may need advice on anything from the wording of an invoice to the drafting of a legal agreement.

A business may be due a refund of overpaid tax or a repayment of input tax, with interest due on such payments.

Revenue & Customs may have made an assessment for underpaid VAT and an issue arises as to whether it is due.

An individual may require guidance and representation in a meeting with Revenue & Customs to discuss arrears and penalties.

Across a broad range of issues relating to VAT, it is essential that businesses keep abreast of changes to UK domestic legislation and evolving case law both at home and in other EU countries.

The following are only some of the areas of VAT that require an expert’s view:

  • Property transactions – Is the option to tax appropriate? Has it been correctly exercised?
  • Supplies in the construction industry - Is the correct rate of VAT being charged?
  • Transfers of going concerns – Does your business qualify under the rules?
  • International supplies of services – Are the supplies you make subject to UK VAT? Are you familiar with the new rules?
  • Partial exemption – Can you take advantage of a more favourable method?
  • Assessments - Has an assessment been made to HMRC’s best judgment? Is it correct?
  • Penalties and investigations by HMRC – Should you reach a settlement or mount a full challenge?
  • Commercial restitution – What is the current position on the issue of compound interest?

In these and other areas of VAT, Colin Peters can offer you an immediate, speedy and detached view of whether your problem can be solved and your VAT bill reduced.

Contact him for a free discussion of your problem and details of his rates and terms and conditions.

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